Universe international school might be one of the best international schools which offer quality American Program in Saudi Arabia.

Universe school has multiple programs customized for students of different achievement levels. Universe American school has advanced classes for fast achievers, intensive classed for students who lagging behind their age group classmates and the normal classes for the rest of the kids.

Universe school has a responsive parents service personnel who are always ready to cooperate with parents in any request and to give answers for any queries parents might have. Students’ affairs deputies who are fully aware of the int. school system and the MOE rules and regulations.


Universe Int. school offers standardized computer based admission tests which help to place the students in the right program and also helps in diagnosing the academic gaps of the students. These academic gaps help teachers to develop remedial programs for the target kids to abridge these academic gaps.

Universe school teaches STEM program for their kids. This program helps students to cope with the latest developments in teaching science, math, engineering and technology.

Universe school has students’ counselor who is aware of the needs of the university and always ready to give consultations to parents and students about the universities admission needs.

Universe school has an excellent experienced academic and administrative staff with rich experience in managing American schools.

    Universe school has a very attractive activities program which includes curricular and extra-curricular activities which helps to enhance their whole child development.

Universe school has social workers who have long experience and special skills in helping students about any problems that might happen and they offer parents’ training programs about the psychology of development and how to guide students to lead a peaceful life especially in their teenage.