Our Academic And Administrative Staff

Universe International school HR department has employed the best academic and administrative staff to help achieve the mission and the vision of the school. We are all here to provide our kids and parents with all possible support to help them achieve their best personal and academic development.  Our academic staff are well selected based on very strict key performance indicators as well as other indicators like the excellent linguistic capabilities, experience in teaching the American programs as well as their exceptional skills in their assigned career. Our staff include:




Students’ affairs

A Students’ counselor

Social workers

A director

A director of nationwide experience in managing American schools.

Academic coordinators

Academic coordinators with more than ten years’ experience in academic supervision and teacher training.

Professional teachers

Professional teachers of multiple nationalities who are specialists in the major subjects they teach with very long experience in teaching the international programs.

Students’ affairs

Students’ affairs deputies who are fully aware of the int. school system and the MOE rules and regulations.

A Students’ counselor

A Students’ counselor who is aware of the of the needs of the university and always ready to give consultations to parents and students about the university’s admission needs.

Experienced social workers

Experienced social workers who have long experience and special skills in helping students about any problems that might happen and they offer parents’ training programs about the psychology of development and how to guide students to lead a peaceful life especially in their teenage.