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Let me extend a warm welcome to everyone joining our school community. Universe International School was founded to provide quality education to students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the goal of producing graduates who are able to excel at the local, regional, and international levels.

Why Universe International School





Multiple Customized Programs

Universe International School has multiple programs customized for students of different achievement levels. Universe International School has advanced classes for fast achievers, intensive classed for students who lagging behind their age group classmates and the normal classes for the rest of the kids.

A responsive parents service

Universe International School has responsive parents service personnel who are always ready to cooperate with parents in any request and to give answers to any queries. Students’ affairs deputies are fully aware of the American school system and the MOE rules and regulations.

Curricular and extra-curricular activities

Universe International School has a very attractive activities program that includes curricular and extra-curricular activities which help to enhance their whole child’s development in many different ways.

Management with 20+ years of experience

Universe International School has an excellent experienced academic and administrative staff with more than 20 years of experience in managing American schools.


Creativity Adaptability Communication

Our Academic and Administrative staff

Universe International School has hired excellent academic and administrative staff to aid in achieving the school’s goals. Our commitment is to provide maximum assistance to students and parents to promote their academic and personal development.

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This involves the exploration of the natural world, covering subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.


This refers to the tools and systems used to create, process, and store information, including computers, software, and communication devices.


This involves the design, development, and application of technology and scientific principles to solve real-world problems.


This is the study of numbers, quantities, and shapes, and it is used to develop models and make predictions about the natural world.


Academic excellence is achieved through our professional Staff who have wide experience in teaching the American curriculum. Qualified teaching staff work hand in hand to guide students to achieve the best educational outcomes. Using a strong and rich interactive curriculum, teachers guide students as independent learners to enhance their learning and understanding. We use multiple tools of assessments to help students achieve the best results and help them achieve the best progress. Our slogan in Universe International Schools is “Everyone is achieving progress and no one is lagging behind.”


Respect is one of the most important values in Universe International School. All the school community stress respect in all our procedures. We respect everybody regardless their nationalities, colors or religions. We are all brothers in humanity that’s why students and the school faculty should respect others’ beliefs, behaviors, the school properties and school rules and regulations. Every child has the right to be respected and all the faculty work together to consolidate this value in all our procedures, activities and inside & outside the classroom.


We believe that education is an integration process and the core of that integration is the school-parents’ partnership. Alatheer school administration stresses on that integration through the parents’ manual that parents receive when registering at school. In that parents’ manual, the school administration specifies the nature of that integration and the role of the school and parents in achieving that integration for the behalf of the children. Universe International School hosts three parents’ meetings and everyday communication through the parents’ service personnel.


Responsibility is the fourth value that Universe International School stresses. Responsibility is a shared value that everybody at school should consider including administration, the reaching faculty, students and parents. The manuals that teachers, students and parents receive specifies everyone’s’ responsibility. Students should feel that they have responsibility towards their learning and towards school their friends and their community.


We work at Universe International School to standardize all our academic affairs starting from planning till assessing the outcomes of the learning and instruction. The academic team develop the annual planners, weekly plans and all the academic affairs to guarantee that the students reach the target outcomes of the curriculum. We use alternative tools of assessment to assess the achievement of the target outcomes like quizzes, monthly tests, portfolios, journals, projects and presentations. Our academic team analyses the students’ test results and take all the necessary actions regarding the low achievers including remedial programs.


Universe International School hosts multiple curricular and extra-curricular activities for students’ character building.
We believe in the whole child development that is why we target developing the students’ personality scientifically, physically, spiritually, mentally and psychologically. Through the multiple activities we offer in Universe International School students can grow balanced personalities and can experience mental activities, sports, exploration, role play, camps and many other curricular and extracurricular activities.
Our rich activity program works side by side with the academic program and the alternative tools of assessment like projects and presentations help to get the children to acquire self-confidence and the sense of achievement.

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