Our Curriculum

Universe Int. School uses a Common Core Standards-based curriculum. The academic committee chose the American curriculum based on very strict standards. The syllabus selected has to be interactive and its supportive resources should be available and teacher training support should be given to the school teachers as well.

Elite series for the kindergarten stage

Universe Int. School uses the Elite series for the kindergarten stage. Elite series is developed based on the common core standards as well as considering the characteristics of the end-users in the target countries. Elite series have cross-curricular links and it is full of practices for consolidating the target concepts. Elite series includes all the kg subjects; this includes phonics, reading, math, science, Arabic, and Islamic studies. Elite series have supportive audio CDs for phonics and reading with authentic American recordings. Elite series proved their validity in getting students to meet the common core standards with effective linguistic outcomes.

English Program

Universe Int. School uses Pearson Education publications from grade one up to grade 10. For English, Universe Int. School uses My View for English up to grade 5. My view is an integrated syllabus and it is supported through the SAVVAS platform. Audios and videos as well as assessments are offered through the SAVVAS platform.

English Program

For English from grade six up to grade 10 Universe Int. School uses My Perspective. It is an integrated program and we use Sadlier grammar to promote students’ accurate use of English. Universe Int. School also uses Sadlier for vocabulary development and the integrated use of the books guarantees the integration of English skills and promotes the linguistic ability of the students to meet the American standards.

Science Program

For the science program Universe Int. School uses Elevate science from grade one up to grade 8. Elevate science is an interactive program and it is supported with audio and videos through SAVVAS platform.

Science Program

Starting from grade nine Universe Int. School uses Experience Chemistry, Experience physics, and Miller & Levine biology. These books are extended with the students at the high school level.

Math Program

For the math program, Universe Int. School uses Envision Math from grade one up to grade nine. This program is very rich and provides the students with the necessary exercise which keeps them up to the required standards. As for grade 10, students start studying Geometry and Algebra.