Our Programs

Universe international school hosts multiple academic programs dedicated to its students’ community based on their academic achievements. Students applying for the school have to take an academic placement test. Based on the results of the admission tests students are placed in the target program which meets their academic level. Universe international school offers the mainstream program, the genius program, the intensive care program, the transitional program, and the full-day program.


Advanced Program

Universe International School offers multiple programs based on students’ needs. The Advanced program is dedicated to fast learners. These classes offer enrichment programs for those fast achievers. The candidate of these classes are selected based on achievement tests and an IQ test. Teachers of these classes are highly qualified and they use multiple tools of assessment like presentations and projects. The target of such a department is preparing a generation who can compete at both scientific and career levels.



Whole Day Program

Universe International Schools offer a whole-day program in which students spend a whole day in active learning, doing their assignments, and getting prepared for quizzes and exams. This program is designed mainly for students whose parents cannot follow up on their study plans and whose students need support in doing their assignments. The Whole Day Program students have their lunch at school and do their assignments and practice more exercises till 4:00 pm guided by their teachers.



Transitional Program

Universe International School offers a transitional program for non-international students. This program is dedicated to students who were at national schools where the study language was not English. This program is a one-year program where students study a whole day customized program to qualify them to study international programs. Teachers use multiple tools of assessment to specify the academic gaps and work on abridging these gaps by remedial programs. Teachers help the transitional program students by focusing on the operational objectives of every grade and assess the achievement of these objectives. Once students finish this transitional year, they can be place at the main stream classrooms without any difficulties.



Intensive Program

Universe International School offers an intensive program for slow learners. Our experienced coordinators use diagnostic assessment to specify students’ academic gaps and they tailor a remedial program for enhancing their learning to abridge this gap. Those students studying in special classes with a customized annual planner. Once students finish one intensive academic year in these intensive classes they can join their colleagues in the mainstream without any difficulties.


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